About 22 years ago I moved to Brisbane Australia with my family and went to college for 2 years to last out my bankruptcy. I had bought a PreSchool and interest rates hit 24% which sent me broke. During this time I started a little side hustle building websites for non profits while I worked casually for a startup charity organization.

Later I went on to develop software, magazines, wrote some books, created courses, made videos and much more which is what I am going to share with you in this course.

After I finished studing, the charity gave me a full time job and so I did not have as much time to build websites so I wrote my first eBook called My Website. It did very well and between selling and giving away there was nearly 10,000 downloads.

During my time there I also learnt to fix computers, set up networks etc. I did this by doing courses like this and getting people in and documenting everything so I could replicate it. I am no IT manager as I have been an accounts clerk or truck driver most of my life.

In November 2002 there was new management and they decided that I was not skilled enough to do what I was doing so I could go back to accounts or take a redundancy which I took.

My family suggested I start my own business which I did start in 2003 and my first customer was the charity. They hired an IT person but they were not up to speed on websites etc.

mp3sound streamI also started to look for some products I could sell other than just websites and one of the things we wanted in the charity was a streaming audio product. I went looking and found some software in the backblocks of the music industry and ended up buying the software for $1500. At the time we were still on dial up and most other software had large downloads.

This software played great on dial up using the new flash software. Flash has died now but the product had quite a long life and made me hundreds of thousands of dollars. I used the profits to create a lot of other software products and upgraded MP3SoundStream to HIFIAudioStresm for broadband.

I also developed a teleprompter with audio recording feature as audio books were taking off, RSS software for marketing, Streaming Video software also using flash and some others. A jukebox system and many others all to run on websites. Unfortunately Apple products resurged into the market and windows changed and a lot of new similar products hit the market so I slowly closed them all down.

In 2006 I moved my wife and youngest son of 4 boys to Thailand as I wanted to teach many of the orphans we had supported how to create websites and their own products. Orphans when the get to be older tend not to be sponsored so easily.  I also started on thre talk circuit so was making good money and started coaching people.

In 2011 Apple had released the iphone and Ipad the previos year and websites were gaining momentum however it was almost impossible to read them on these devices so I devised a system of Mobile websites for my customers and other businesses. In 2011 we created 800 mobile websites and developed a system we sold to hundreds to online marketers. Over the next few years a lot of competition came into the market.

A few years later we started to see responsive website which adjusted to any device from mobiles to TVs which are like this site your on now.  Due to homesickness and some ill health we moved back to Australia in 2012 and I had a tripple bypass in 2013. This meant I had to sell my business and just as I was getting better I then got prostate cancer and had operation in 2016.

QR CodesI found it hard to concentrate online so helped my son set up a popup donut shop which did quite well but only went for 6 months and then moved to another shopping center and we wanted to stay where we were to access the grand kids.

I started to develop some digital magazines for the ipad market plus dynamic and static QR Codes which did not need as much concetration. I slowly got my health back and so developed some new coaching and training sites for my orphans and now making it available to you.

So my various projects have kept our family very comfortable over the years and you can do the same. Do it on the side to supplement your income or go full time.

My couse is only $10 a month for 10 months and then free and we will have Zoom calls and I can help you develop and promote your own products. Just go here to start today or contact me if you want to discuss it.

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